1. Delivery

We deliver medicines only in Hosur, around Electronic City Bangalore and Kovilambakkam Chennai

2. Delivery Charges

Delivery is FREE for Orders ABOVE 200 Rupees for Hosur, Electronic city, and Chennai locations. Our delivery charges will be nominal and will be intimated prior to the customer at other locations

3. Order via Email

Make a list of all the medicines you'd like to order, and upload the prescription. E-mail the list to us at support@kauverymeds.com Please ensure that you provide your complete mailing address including the pin code. We'll call you back to confirm or will get back to you via mail on medicines we service to the given address. Once we confirm the same, the order will be processed. If you have ordered prescription medicines, you need to scan the prescription and send it along with the e-mail. You can also upload a legible photograph if you are unable to scan it. Our service partners will not process your order without a prescription. Our partners will then fulfil the order at the earliest. 

4. Service days and time You can order 24*7 through our website or App.

we service orders 7 days a week. In case of any delay, our agent will inform you on a priority basis. You can contact us on +91 9150008394 (between 10 AM and 7 PM). 

5. What if I am not at home when the products are delivered?

If you are not at home, please nominate a neighbour or someone close by who can receive the order. Ensure that they have the payable amount. 

6. What if my Order does not get serviced?

We strive hard to service all our orders. We will schedule the orders at your convenient time. However, in case we cannot, we will refund the cost of the medicines as store credits to your Wallet Account. 

7. Payment options available

We currently take payments in CARD, Net banking, or BANK Transfer. Cash could be handed over at the time our service partner hands over the order to you. 

8. How can I edit or cancel my order?

This can only be done before the order has been shipped, i.e. you need to ensure you send us a mail at support@kauverymeds.com with your order number or call us at +91 9150008394 for cancellation, before the mail with 'order shipped information' reaches you. 

9. About Prescriptions

If you order medicine that can only be prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner, then you need to have that prescription ready at the time of placing of order. You can either upload it while placing the order if you have it ready or you can e-mail it later with your order ID to support@kauverymeds.com. Buy medicines with the proper & latest prescription given by your doctor. We don't process requests for Schedule X and other habit-forming drugs as per the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945

10. Customer Care

Write to us at support@kauverymeds.com with your queries.

You can also call us at +91 9150008394 (09 am to 09 pm 6 days a week (Except Sunday)) 

11. Business Development Opportunities and Partnerships

Please contact us at support@kauverymeds.com Ensure that your subject line is Business Development for faster reverts. 

12. Quality and Authenticity of the Medicines

We ensure that our partners procure the medicines directly from certified pharmacists and regulated manufacturers. Some of our partners are reputed manufacturers themselves. Rest assured, we ensure that you get only quality and authentic medicines that are well within the expiry date. 

13. How is my order processed?

Step 1: Customer uploads the prescription Step 2: Pharmacist reviews and digitizes the prescription along with an order cart Step 3: Customer will select the required items along with the quantity and selects the mode of payment as desired Step 4: Our partner pharmacy will deliver the medicine at your doorstep depending upon the availability

Please note the value shown in the order confirmation screen is just an approximate value and you will know the actual price when it is invoiced in the pharmacy after you confirm the order. If the mode of payment is card/net banking, then you will get an email with the invoice amount to be paid along after it is invoiced in the partner pharmacy. This step is to ensure we collect the exact amount after the invoice is finalized. 

14. How will I know the availability of the medicine?

Please note that the price & stock of medicines change in real-time. We are working with our partners to expose real-time price & stock information. 

15. Why can't I confirm the order as soon as I upload the prescription?

Pharmacists verify the prescription and digitize the same before you can confirm the order. 

16. Can I buy generic substitutes?

Yes, you can buy generic substitutes provided the doctor writes the generic name instead of the brand name in the prescription 

17. Can I track my order?

Yes sure. We update you at every stage with an SMS/email. 

18. Why do the medicine prices change?

Medicine prices vary by geographical location, and batch number and often change on a day-to-day basis due to regulations and distributors. The process listed on our site act as guidance and helps you understand if you are paying the right price for your medicines

19. What if a Promo code does not work while I Order my medicine?

Based on the Order value of Purchase the discounted price will be reduced from your bill during delivery (Cash on Delivery). If this issue occurs during Online Payment, the Discount value will be refunded to the Customer for the respective Order value that he/she has purchased online. Reach out to Customer Support for any grievances

20. What if the Medicine I order is not available?

The KauveryMeds team will immediately inform the customer about the unavailability of the product to the Customer and the Customer can get a Substitute if willing, if not the Order will be Cancelled, and any Online Payments done for the Order will be Refunded


21. How do I contact the Grievance Officer of KauveryMeds.com?

Grievance Officer:

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act 2020 and  Consumer Protection (E-Commerce) Rules, 2020, all other applicable acts and rules made there under, the name, contact number, and email address of the Resident Grievance Officer are as below

Mr. Rahul Tulsyan - Grievance Officer KauveryMeds.com

No. 14 & 18, Old No. 37 & 39, MSR Road
Alwarpet, Chennai-18
Phone: +91 9944422843
Email: Rahul@kauverymeds.com
Time: Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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