Amylase Serum

Amylase Serum

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Definition of Amylase Serum
Amylases are a group of hydrolases that degrade complex carbohydrates into fragments. · Amylase is produced by the exocrine pancreas and the salivary glands to aid in the digestion of starch. It is also produced by the small intestine mucosa, ovaries, placenta, liver, and fallopian tubes

Normal range: 5-125 U/L 

Uses of Amylase Serum

  • To diagnose and monitor pancreatitis or other pancreatic diseases
  • In the work-up of any intraabdominal inflammatory event 


  • Increased In Acute pancreatitis 
  • Urine levels reflect serum changes by a time lag of 6-10 hours
  • Acute exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis
  • Drug-induced acute pancreatitis
  • the pancreas being  negative or showing only edema
  • Increased serum amylase with low urine amylase may be seen in renal insufficiency and macroamylasemia

Limitations of Amylase Serum

  • Composed of pancreatic and salivary types of isoamylases distinguished by various methodologies
  • Nonpancreatic etiologies are almost always salivary
  • Both types may be  increased in renal insufficiency


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