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blood sample icon Test Name: Kh Arthritis Profile

blood sample icon Sample Type: Blood

family icon Patient: Male,Female,Child

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It's important to note that specific tests and markers may be used to diagnose and monitor different types of arthritis. The choice of tests depends on the type of arthritis a healthcare provider suspects and the individual's symptoms and medical history. If you suspect you have arthritis or have been diagnosed with it, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional who can recommend appropriate tests and treatments.

  1. CBC (Complete Blood Count): This test measures the number and types of blood cells in your body, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. It can help identify conditions like anemia, which can be associated with some forms of arthritis.
  2. CRP (C-reactive protein): CRP is a marker of inflammation in the body. High levels of CRP in the blood can be indicative of inflammation, which is often seen in various types of arthritis.
  3. RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) : There are specific blood tests to detect rheumatoid arthritis, such as rheumatoid factor (RF) and anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti-CCP) antibodies. These tests help diagnose and monitor the progression of rheumatoid arthritis.
  4. ASO (Anti-Streptolysin O): The ASO test measures the level of anti-streptolysin O antibodies in the blood. It is often used to detect recent streptococcal infections, which can be linked to some types of arthritis, such as rheumatic fever.
  5. Calcium and Phosphorus: These are essential minerals in the body for Bone Health. Abnormal levels of calcium or phosphorus in the blood can indicate various health issues.
  6. Vitamin D: Vitamin D is important for bone health, and a deficiency can contribute to joint problems and bone conditions. Testing for vitamin D levels can help identify deficiencies that may be related to arthritis symptoms.
  7. Uric acid : Uric acid is a natural waste product that forms when the body breaks down substances called purines. In most cases, uric acid dissolves in the blood and is excreted from the body through the kidneys. However, in some individuals, uric acid can accumulate in the blood and form needle-like crystals in the joints and surrounding tissues, leading to a condition known as gout. Gout is a type of arthritis that is characterized by sudden, severe attacks of pain, swelling, redness, and tenderness in the affected joints, most commonly in the big toe.



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